Epic Soldier Mountain Race Photos

Hello from somewhere in Missoula Montana where I am just about to head on over the the Kettle House to pick up a growler of Double Haul for tonight’s TNR ride.  Tonight is the annual “Seed Spitting Contest” after the ride and I will provide the beverages. Before I head off to mountain bike nirvana I have uploaded the pictures from last weekends race the Epic Soldier Mountain March.

It was a march as the epic course feature two hike-a-bike sections.  Normally this would proceed a good bitching session on how the course sucked.  But the course did not suck and is possibly the best race course I have ever tackled. And if a great course was not enough I was luck enough to catch up to some of the pro racers and they helped me stay out in front and win expert overall and another podium appearance.

After the race I did some back roads in the beetle as the photos will show.  All in all it was a memorable trip and I packed into one day as much as a human could possibly do.

Well it is off to the evening I look forward to all year!

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