Back Home

Hello from the Green Hanger Laundromat where I try to get caught up with life stuff.  I drove around Idaho all day yesterday checking out the mountains, towns, and back roads. Instead of camping when the sun went down I had this urge to get home so I could relax today and prepare for the up and coming week of work (YUK!).

I am much to exhausted to go into any detail or get some photos up at this time but I must say I had a memorable trip.  The race and it’s course yesterday still defy logic in my head and I have come to understand that it is the best race course I have ever been on.  I had a awesome time.

This evening I plan to get some groceries and take in a movie before I take a look at the bike to get it ready for another ride.  I did come to the conclusion that my stem is too short so I will be putting on the one I had last year. I need more weight over my front tire.

Enjoy your evening everyone and give me a shout out, tell me what your up to. Bye all.

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