50k Race This Weekend

Got my hot water bottle positioned so I can sit down for the first time today. I have made breakfast even though my body fat project is in a lull. And now I can blog just before I realize that I am late for work and vowing to never blog again. Time is precious. I have also went through the latest “Windbriefs” blog to find two new developments in the North Country Ski culture. I sure do miss Plattsburgh New York.

I don’t know how one prepares for this weekends ski race with conditions that we ave here in Missoula Montana. We have been experiencing warm weather and with that the local haunts are not ski-able. About the only thing left to do is go cycling or hiking; but then I can not go cycling because of a recent health development.

Tonight I plan to hike around 2 hours and my route is up for debate in my twisted mind. I want to gear up for this Saturday when my friend and I head out to Seeley for a 50k race. I haven’t even skied for two weeks and I wonder if I can even finish the race. My ankle was previously injured but is now feeling better. Tonight will be the fist time on a boot, so I’ll see.

And … hiking has it’s merits. Marcy for example will benefit from this decision to go hiking tonight. She loves the hike, the mountains, and running wild. Even though my last paycheck was not large enough to even buy her food for this big adventure.

Ok, before this blog goes into a e-bitching session I will just log off. Have a good day.

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