25th Annual OSCR 50k

I just checked my lottery tickets for any winners. I got one number right on one of them but overall my 401k is not looking good. I am laying on my side eating breakfast and getting my head together before another stressful day at work. It looks like they are steering me away from PHP and MySQL … anyone know of any job openings where all I can do all day is PHP and web sites? I wish I had more of a graphics background.

Today is Friday so I will be getting a two day leave from the rock. My plans are going to a ski race (I don’t know yet if I can participate). The race is in Seeley lake Montana and here is a brief description of the 50K course from Lynn Carey:

The 50k course at OSCR this year is mildly uphill for the first 8-9 miles,then it tilts up pretty dramatically for 3-4 miles. After the aid station it will be pretty much down hill.

Near the end you will turn onto the Augie creek cut off road, soon after that you will enter the ski trails at the west gate and follow the 10k course back to the finish line. Anyone who is not in real good shape or competing for a high place finish should plan to start at 9AM and tour the course. This is a celebration of 25 years of OSCR and an adventure, treat it as such. Check out the Seeley Trails snow/grooming page for Lynn’s comments on aid stations and hydration.” ~MissoulaNordic Org

Last night I hiked with my dog Marcy for about two hours. We hiked up South Sentinel through the gulch between Sentinel and itself. We hike over the ridge and down the Pengally Ridge Trail. We hiked around 5.6 miles and did around 1,943 ft of climbing.

This weekend is all about recovering and / or going to a doctor to help me with my staff infection. In those plans I hope to try and get some more pictures done and try to re-adjust my training regimen in order to get started early for the first mountain bike race of the season in about a month or so.

Everyone have a good day and weekend.

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