Pictures From Last Year

It is getting close to the end of January. In about a month and a week or so I will be headed to Lewiston Idaho for the first race of the 2007 season. With that in mind I am thinking of my pre season rides comming up in April. Then I think back to last years rides.

I have posted 4 pictures that I have dug up from one of my rides at the end of April last year. I havent posted them yet so why not take this winter evening to post them. These pictures were taken on my trip to do the Triple Divide Ride (see "To Hel and Back"). Please feel free to comment and rate them at will.

Actually I posted some pictures because I promised to do pictures if a friend of mine did a certain thing. Well he did and I had to live up to my end of the bargin. I was visiting friends last night and we went through some pictures. It was amazing to see how many pictures I have not shared yet. I hope to get caught up within the next couple weeks.

I went riding today and rode the Clinton Ride in a little over two hours. Actually that is thee fastest I have ever rode that ride. Today was beautiful and the sun was out to play. The temps were around 35 degrees. Maybe that is why I started thinking of my pre season rides.

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