Winter Storm Watch Tonight

D BurnerGood morning from Missoula Montana. Ahh the doldrums of winter! I was just online reading Doug Burners Blog (picture by Doug Burner as well).

"The last couple of days I've been dinking around with the trailer. It's the trailer that Eric used last year which is being handed over to the woman's team because the men are using a different trailer. There really isn't much to do since Eric kept it in great shape. Mostly I'm just figuring out the spacing and where stuff will go. You know, stuff like finding a secure spot for a coffee maker (found a coffee grinder on sale today too). Maybe a little touch up paint here and there. Last week, a second axle and a set of brakes were installed so it should handle really well." ~Burner


I also voiced my opinions about next years MORS series. I am hoping that the Wild Rockies have a series for 2007. This weekend has three things going on. We have Buffalo Hill Race, RM Tele Ski, and Lubrecht Fun Race . I am hoping for the event at Lubrecht Forest. My ski form is coming into view and I am feeling excited for the cross country ski season.

Well it is off to work for me (Yuk). Take care everyone and keep in touch (comment on this site).

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