Worse In Winter

Good morning! It is raining outside and it looks like I hit the “ride your bike” window by going out on a road bike ride last night. What are the difficulties? Well it is dark for one and of course it is dangerously cold.

I finally shook off all the stress to head out on my ride around 6:30 last night. I was feeling great with the weather slightly warmer than usual. The roads were OK but if it got a little colder would freeze up. That is another caveat in the winter. You could go out on a ride and the weather may just hut you down 20 miles out of town.

As I turned around to head back into town for the Tuesday Night Online Meeting I flatted. I was just getting over a riser and sat down to buzz down the other side when I got that ever familiar squishy yet jarring sensation from the rear wheel. I not only flatted but I hit a object that sliced up my tire.

I was able to use the old tube as a tire patch and a new tube with an extended valve (learned from the last walk home) to fix-er up. I was off but since I was going over time my light system went dead.

Not to worry! I had a back up battery pack and that got me home safe and sound. Well now it is time for work. On top of it all I have to scrounge together my change to purchase a new tube. I will use a patch kit to fix my tire for now. Safe riding to you all!

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