Griz VS UMass Tonight

It is apparent I have been offline quite a while as I have 3652 emails waiting for me in my inbox. whew! I ran in a 5k last weekend and went skiing with a friend. This week I had to recover from too much exercise on the weekends. Tonight is the big football game between the Griz and UMass. And of course this weekend is working itself into a skI frenzy.

Last weekend I went to Frenchtown to run the Freezer Burn 5k. I came in in 4th place with a time of 22:12. Not too bad considering the last time I ran was a couple years ago in the Double Dip Run. I started out and ran most of the race in third but was passed in the end by a scrappy cross country runner from one of the local schools.

On Sunday I went to Lolo Pass with Alden and he proceeded to ski me into the ground until we finally made it back to the car after what seemed to be 4 hours of skiing. That was the last time I walked or did anything for three days. I became very ill and could get around. I will never skate skI for more that two hours at a time. Also learned is to stay on the trails groomed for skating … very important!

Tonight is the Griz game and I had to stay up until 1 AM last Wednesday morning to score some last remaining seats. The game has been sold out ever since. the news is reporting that we will see the largest crowds ever at Washington Griz Stadium. Go Griz.

This weekend is probably looking like ill be skiing. Tomorrow I am thinking about a skI trip with the Rocky mountaineers. Sunday looks like Lolo pass with some friends. Whatever the case … its beginning to look a lot like winter.

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