Prepairing To Ski

Hello from my apartment where I get ready for a 5k running race this morning. No! I have not trained for running and I have not run except for cyclocross season. But … It Is a race and that Is what I am looking for. Also at $5.00 to register this falls Into why not, It Is almost free category.

This week I have been thinking about my ski situation. I am pretty set for tele skiing but as far as skate, classic and back country I have broken equipment. This week I was able to patch my BC setup with some chain parts and screws. I think It will do the trick (see photo ).

So tomorrow Is up In the air but one thing Is certain. I will be skiing. Snow bowl already has a 36 Inch base and It Is barely December. heck, It Isn’t even officially winter yet. I just read Doug Burner’s Blog and they are even getting the white stuff In Wisconsin. funny! Europe has no snow and they are canceling the World Cup Ski Races. I read about some yurt skiing In “Outside Missoula ” magazine so I guess this Is the place to be.

This week I was able to get out twice for some skiing up In Pattee Canyon. the first trek was up University mountain and back down (busting my boots again, thus the new fix). the second ski was on the same mountain but a longer loop that skirts around the beast.

Well, I better get my tights on and running shoes. It Is a frosty one today. Also, today Is a Griz playoff game and I have a pizza ready and I’ll be picking up a growler of beer If I can scrape together some change. Tomorrow …. hmm, a big possibility of tele on Fuji! Unless I can find one NNN binding and In that case skating! Go Griz!

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