First Ski

Hello from my apartment in Missoula Montana. i just got done posting a couple things and thought I must blog a short mention of last nights activities. I had a weird dream last night so I posted it to my Going Todash site. Also I have posted a calendar item about this Saturday when the Griz take the field in the playoffs. I am hoping to do a 5k run in the morning and relax and recover in front of the TV watching the Griz in the afternoon. Anyone want to watch the game together? let me know!

This Sunday i hope to go skiing or at the very least cycling but last night was my first ski of the season. I headed up Pattee Canyon to the FOLF course to see if there was enough snow to ski. And there was! A good covering and the ski area was in good shape. i brought Marcy so i couldn’t ski the area and headed up University Mountain to see how far I could ski up.

Astonishingly i skied all the way to where the route gets steep and gains the ridge to the top. I hiked up to the next road then up onto the ridge.

I skied the rest of the way to the summit of the Mountain (the beacon). the view was great and I yelled in victory. I decided to ski all the way down and take a side road to lengthen the ski.

Half way down the ridge I hit a large rock and re-broke my boot but it was not fatal for my set up. I was still able to ski down. I took a side road that wound around to the beacon road and blasted down hitting the occasional rock. It was a surprisingly fast decent and with a little more snow could be a weekly event for me.

So now it is off to work and the stresses that thrown a dark cloud over this kind of happiness. By noon I will have had at least three anxiety attacks and i will not even know that I do get to escape to the summits once n a while. have a good day all!

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