Snowing In Missoula

Hello from Break Espresso in downtown Missoula. I am going to post a quickie blog since I wasted most of the morning doing up pictures from Thanksgiving. More on that later when I get more time. Not much going on besides snow and a couple links to point out. Doug Burner has posted a new blog and the Lodge has been given a front page link spot at the Team ROAR web site .

The Grizzly game is today so I must rush off to do some chores (laundry, groceries, ski stuff shopping) before kick off. Now that I look down at my computers clock I better get going.

The cycling season is officially gone with all our new snow and I will be pulling out my skis for a run to Lolo Pass tomorrow. It is all white from here on out.

I hope every ones Thanksgiving was great and you were able to pound some calories.

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