Happy Thanksgiving

Good early morning and happy Thanksgiving. I am preparing for my trip to Columbia falls this morning a little earlier than I planned. I have been up early looking back at blogs and planning my trip . Why did I get up so early?

It all started with a very stressful week at work (only 3 days). I do not know how I am going back for a full week next week. that is why I plan to get home by Friday evening or maybe Saturday morning. i need to get some resumes in order and start the job hunt once again. Why can’t I find a job that doesn’t mentally screw me or bend me over the money barrel. Missoula Montana is not a job mecca!

So like i said it all started with a stressful job and that is why after work last night I stared at the wall for 4 hours. I was able to finally get out for a ride on my cross bike. I went to bed thinking I would get up after a good nights rest.

I can not tell yet if i had a good nights rest because I have been up since 3 AM. I woke up from a dream and could not get back to sleep. All I can think about is how much preparing I have to do to travel. So finally I got up and started this blog.

Going to Columbia Falls

I just got done washing Marcy and i am about to jump in the shower. I am charging up the camera battery because I have a plan for my trip.

I want to take a picture in every small town on the way. I will be leaving with in the hour and plan to make a day of it (OK … half day aunt Wanda … I’ll be there for dinner).

I plan to take an alternative route around by Conden and Sealy Lake. I want to miss the traffic and construction on the normal route. The scenery should be beautiful and thus the camera comes into play. I just came in from the car and there is freezing rain so the roads will be treacherous. I plan to pack extra travel gear in case I end up on foot.

Here is my route [ click here ]! The route will be 154 miles and should take me around 5 hours to complete. If I were to walk [ click here ] it would take me around 50 hours according to Ask.Com Maps.

Your Thoughts

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