Ready For Big Sky

I just repaired my back wheel again this time doing some bending and twisting and re-tensioning. It looks pretty good and there is no weak spots. I looked all over town tonight with my friend for a wheel but only settled on a big ol bowl of Ice cream. That means I must race … to work it off.

So I am going to bed now at 11:30 in hopes of getting up at 5:30 to set off on a journey to Big Sky Montana for the 3rd race of the Montana Cyclocross Series where I think I firmly reside in 4th place (unofficially).

My plans are to race in Big Sky Tomorrow and then camp out along the road in my car. If I can brave the frigid temps I will arrive in Bozeman bright and early for Sundays race which is the 4th in the series.

I hope to return home with my trusty side kick Marcy (my dog) on Sunday evening. See you all then and if I find a WI FI hot spot I'll blog there!

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