Keeping From Getting Lapped

This morning I feel sore and weary. It does not reflect how well my race went last night. No! I did not win but I did not do bad either. Before the race I had my doubts. The bruise where I pulled my muscle had become swollen and wiggly like it was full of water. My leg looked like a over weight persons leg. What is good is that I did not get lapped and in fact I got 6th place in the Mens A (equivalent to expert/pro).

Tonight is the Thursday Night Ride and we are heading out to the rattlesnake area. I plan to ride out there and maybe get a ride back. I could just take my lights too. Have you guessed the season. It is getting dark before the end of the rides now and I am even going to wok in the dim light hours at 8.

This weekend is a big question mark. I was planning on going to Bozeman for the cross races (MBRA 3 & 4). The problem is my read wheel and my rear derailleur. Last weekends crashes had left me with a bike that is actually falling apart. The rear wheel is tacoed and the rear derailleur has about 3 inches of play (the connecting bolt housing is elongated). On top of all that I think my chain ring is worn out in the front and I am having a hard time un clicking from my pedals which means I may need new cleats.

So this weekend is coming and I must get the bike ready. I have no cash in the bank except for the money i was going to use to go to Bozeman. It looks like I may have to just sit this weekend out, heal, and order bike parts instead.

Have a great day all you humans!

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