From Big Sky Montana

How cool is this? I am sitting in Big Sky with a wireless connection and blogging my heart away while at the same time munching a real good banana nut muffin. I am at the Hungary Moose Deli in Big Sky and the scenery out the window is spectacular. The race is over and I have good news to report. It all began around 5:30 this morning. The alarm sounded and I did not want to get up and drive to Big Sky.

I finally packed the car complete with my feather bed for the camp out in the car that would take place later tonight. I packed up my dog Marcy, the bike, tools, and headed out. But first I had to stop at McDonalds for a quickly breakfast. I got the big breakfast with bacon instead of sausage. I ate it as I drove to Big Sky.

I did get out of town late but I did not panic and even stopped in Butte for some gas and some coffee. I almost dozed off once and had to battle direct morning sunlight in my eyes for a while. Soon the Mountains appeared and I drove to them.

I arrived at Big Sky with the sun shining and the air a crisp 38 degrees. I was a little early so I walked the course and went for a bike ride up to the Blue Moon Cafe to make sure it would be open after the race. I was here before with some friends after a mountain bike race.

The race took place right in Big Sky at a community park. It included two barrier sections both on grass (good for the knees). It had a nifty run up and some brutal rock sections. It also had some pavement and a climb up through some wood chips. The climb was brutal and real hard. On the top you had to dismount and jump some barriers. It was extremely difficult. The course also had a long trail sections with a real sharp turn where both wheels drifted. Fast and exciting.

My race started and we rolled out pretty slowly at an easy pace but as we all know that would not last long. Soon there was a break. I tried to answer and dropped my chain after the first run up. What a bad start. I finally caught back up to third but the first place guy had taken off. I passed second place and dropped my chain a second time. I repaired and set out to catch up once again. I decided that first was now out of the question so I held a steady pace to the end. I got 2nd place.

The awards ceremony was great. I laid back to enjoy the sun and we relaxed beside a rushing stream. Marcy whined as usual because she wanted to run free. I got my award and was please to get some cash to go eat at the Blue Moon with and have some extra for gas and breakfast. That part was great. I also won a gift certificate for a deli in Bozeman for 20 bucks. Before I come home tomorrow I will stock my car with deli goods.

After the race I went to the Blue Moon cafe for some chili and pizza. I meet some other competitors from this area and at with them at their table. It was nice to meet some new folks. After that Marcy and I took a scenic drive up to the resort and then towards Yellowstone Park.

So here I sit, getting sleepy by the moment. I am content and really enjoying the area and the mountains. As soon as I sign off I am headed just up the road to Moose Meadows Camp Ground or something near there. I am planning on sleeping in the car. This morning I converted it to a camper complete with featherbed.

Tomorrow I will sew up the weekend by going into Bozeman for race number 4 of the series. I am hoping for another good result so I can get a solid hold on a top place in the standings.

So signing off for now as the sun is starting to warm the mountains with a more golden glow as it dips down to the horizon. It will be getting dark soon so I better go find a camp spot. This is Bill signing off from Big Sky.

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