Rainy Day

It started raining around 6:30 Am and it hasn’t let up since. It feels good and the air is sweet with positive ions (a friends phrase). I just came back from walking Marcy and we are soaked. After last nights ride maybe a higher power is saying, ”stay home tonight“. Yea, I feel sore from the ride but planned on ridding tonight with the group. If it is raining, Ill have to go hiking somewhere. My infected body cant stand a wet ride just yet. But then again maybe things will improve. This weekend is up in the air as I am leaning towards a slightly long Mountain Bike Ride over Miller Creek Pass and then on Sunday going up to Lost Trail and looking for the Warm Springs Trails. I got wind of some good ridin down yonder. Now that staying alive is off my mind I can go back to stressing out about my job. I dread working still and I now appreciate my last job where I wanted to go to work every day. If they could of just payed me a tiny bit more … oh well. Now its stress time where doing ten things at once and showing progress is at the top of the list. If I don’t progress fast I don’t get payed and neither does my co workers … very stressful. Life is too short for this. But for now its back to the grind.

Your Thoughts

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