Hayes Point Trail Last Night

Last night the dark rain clouds almost deterred me from going to Blue Mountain for the weekly Thursday Night Ride. In the end I did show up hoping that no one else would show so that I could just go home and grab the hiking shoes. It looked like rain and I did not want to ride in the rain and mud.

The evening turned out great even though the mud was pretty bad. I kept pretty much out of the muck but the ride was still very uncomfortable. It seem like there was no progress from the day before and I am wondering when things will be getting better.

Tomorrow I plan to do a ride over the Miller Divide in th afternoon unless it is raining and in that case Ill take ol Marcy for a hike in the Bitterroot somewhere. I am bucking to get a ride together for Sunday near Darby. For now it is off to work where it is payday. Work is stressful and I hope I don’t get too beat up today. Just once I would like to work in a relaxed atmosphere and feel good about doing it.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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