Failing at Life Elements, Life Goes On

I just updated two pages, my online ride diary and the 2006 race list. Last night the Weekly Online Chat was atttended by my mom, sister, and myself and tomorrow I meet up with the Thursday Night Group for a ride.

Last night’s On line Web Lodge Chat went off and the usual suspects were in attendance. For the rest of you … pompous jerks! I mean I have been hosting a meeting where everyone that claims to be a friend or family does not show up. I guess it is impossible for all to attend all the time but it is ridiculous that after two years of hosting every week 1/10th of the people I know have decided to came by and say hi during one of my hosting s. So that is my vent and why not! I am failing at my new job and probably it is not all my fault. I mean it takes time to settle in to a new job, right? I mean you cant just jump on a new bike and win races. Well, maybe some can but I cant.

Tomorrow is the next installment of the Thursday Night Ride. We will be doing the Treasure Ride and having a barbeque later. I wonder how my friend that is hosting the party would feel if no one shows up. That is how I feel every week when no one shows up for the on line meeting.

I do not want to make the impression that the devote few that do show up are not enough and I do appreciate them. Maybe I should look within. Maybe the way I allow others to make me feel is the problem. Who wants to visit someone that is so instable. Destine to be alone I could care less at this point. I have a new bike and at least I can ride alone and be at peace. The job is unraveling and soon I will be homeless (how many time have you heard me say this), but I have my bike. Its back to another grueling day but after work I will escape and head down the road.

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