Cow Pie Classique Next

Last night’s Thursday Night Ride got out of hand as I try to get prepared for this weekend’s race in Billings. While my new job continues to be very stressful I struggle to keep everything else normal and so I head out of town on Saturday for Billings for the first race of the Montana State Mountain Bike Series.

Last night the Thursday Night Group did the Treasure Ride but when it came time to come back into town no one wanted to so we did the Sam Braxton Trail as well. It was a fabulous evening ending with a big BBQ at Julie’s house and ended it with a slide show. What a great evening! I just hope the ectra riding didn’t deplete me for this weekends race.

This weekend begins as I leave town tomorrow for Billings. I hope to get into Billings early afternoon and pre ride the course with my buddy Cory. Ill stay the night and race on Sunday with my family watching me for the first time race. I sure wish they could of seen me when I was int top form during my East Coast years.

Have a great Weekend Everyone. For me … I have to get through the stress and Ill be home free!

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