Stressful Times

[image]I haven’t been on line for a while due to the stresses of a new job and what is worse … that I have not been able to ride my new bike as well. What a shame, at times I get excited and think wow, new bike. I can not tell you how long it has been to ride a rig that isn’t on the verge of breaking and killing me.

My beloved Aunt Paula has cancer and I have been thinking about her. The earth would never get rid of someone so important as Aunt P. It is people like her that makes so much hope in so many lives. I speak from experience and I remember all the kids that lived with her (including myself) when things were tough in their own lives. She makes such a difference to so many.

My new job has me stressed … so that is that.

This weekend is going to be extremely warm and sunny. In Missoula that means 70s and sun for about 70 percent of the day. So I hope to go mountain biking on the new rig on Saturday and possibly a big road bike ride on Sunday. I am still looking for a way to Butte.

Your Thoughts

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