To Hel and Back

[image]No I didn't misspell Hell. On Saturday I parked my car on Rodgers Pass (as seen in this photo) and rode my bike to Helena and Back. My route took me up and over Flesher Pass twice. In all I overcame the Contential Divide three times in a little over 5 hours. April is now over and I logged 790 miles for a total of 1,277 total miles on my bike for 2006. I have climbed everest on a bike numerous times already this year with 64,000 feet in April and 80,000 for the year. Sunday I spun down into a rest period with some friends at the Larry Creek Loop and down to Lolo Ride.

Well its off to my last full week of work at MARS. Tonight I am re-working my trek as I wrote to my friends, ”Hey I came up with a great idea. I have an extra d

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