New Job, New Bike, New Ride (The Big Hole)

After a extremely stressful week trying to tie things up at MARS Stout I am ready for something new and what better than a new ride. Next week I start a new job and put together my new bike but first it is play time … ah, training time. Today I will be dreaming that I am leading ”The Tour“ and at the same time climbing 4 mountain passes while I ride out of the Big Hole to Dillon and then back. [ see map ]

I plan to leave from just outside of Jackson Montana and ride to near Dillon Montana and return. I will go over Big Hole and Badger Passes twice in my journeys. The total mileage should be 92 miles and the climbing will be a modest 6,200 ft. It will be a long day in the Hole and water may be a problem, I will be taking my filter.

I should be able to get out of Missoula by noon and arrive at my launch around 3pm. The ride should be 6 hours or under but I will plan for 7, which will get me back to the car around 10pm just after sunset. The ride home should be interesting as I keep an eye out for animals on the road. If things get too intense I will sleep in the car.

Tomorrow I have a ride planned with my buds at noon so the ride will go on!

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