Rodgers Pass to Helena

My 4th mountain pass road bike ride will be on a stretch that I have not been on before so this weekend is exciting. I don’t know if I can truly enjoy it as I move from my job at MARS Stout and Montana Vacation to Univision Computers in two weeks. Change is a stressful thing and maybe this weekends ride will be just what the doctor ordered. My plan is to ride from Rodgers Pass to Helena and back covering 85 miles and around 6,000 feet of climbing up three mountain passes.

Yes it is true I gave my two weeks notice at MARS Stout Inc last Tuesday evening and I will be working at Univision Computers here in Missoula. The job will be more software specific and at the same time better salary. The job is just down the street from my apartment and no overtime with weekends free is exactly what I was looking for. But that is life as normal, right?

I hope to get out early Saturday to Rodgers Pass to start my ride this weekend. It is going to be the hottest day of the year so far and they (weather forecasters) speculate that their will be rain in the evening and into Sunday. The ride will be the longest for me this year as well. I am feeling like I have a lot of miles under me … in a bad way. While the knees are not as sore as Monday, my legs and body feel weathered. Thats good, right?

It is off to work for now and after is the Thursday Night Ride with my buddies. Have a good day and enjoy the sun this weekend.

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