Spring Break Ends

[image]I just got back from the airport where I dropped off my good friend Paul. I am going through so many emotions and physical sensations right now that I cannot really pin point how I am feeling exactly. This song keeps playing in my head, “give me emotion … la la lala la”.

Yesterday was our last hurrah. We went to Lolo Pass for some dreamy creamy tele skiing. After that we spent the afternoon looking through the bargain boxes at REI. To finish out the day we stopped at the Iron Horse Saloon for the last meal. What a week!

Now I must go to work and frankly I don't know if I can survive the day. Sore heart, sore ribs, exhaustion, and loneliness! I sure hate it when a good fiend leaves. Just like in the movie “Touching the Void” I plan to set little goals. Ill try to make it through the first hour, then to break time, and on to lunch. If I can only make it through the day! 😦

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