Coming Back To Reality

It is Sunday and I am sitting in my apartment after a night of beer, Thai food, and another showing of “Touching The Void”. What a great movie of human suffering and endurance. Yesterday was a rest day (still we were able to hike Waterworks Hill) after punishing our body on Little Saint Joe a mountain in the Bitterroots that is 9,000 feet plus. Now it is the last day of my good friend and my self’s Spring Break Vacation. Paul returns to Plattsburgh New York tomorrow morning and I return to work.

Wednesday we hiked and then skied our way up to the Rocky Mountaineers Cabin on Little Saint Joseph Peak. The shelter is at about 7,500 feet or so and is a primitive dwelling with a wood stove to thwart off the cold temps of living on a mountain side. The journey up was grueling as we started around 5:45 and did not find the cabin until 10 PM. Since we started at around 3,500 feet at the trail head the climb was around 4,000 vertical feet with 40 plus pound packs. It was a tuff endeavor.

Other inhabitants at the cabin greeted us and it was a good thing. The cabin was pre warmed and in the morning we got tips on where the best skiing was. The two others left for the trip back down the mountain just before we headed out for our first day of skiing. The skiing was perfect and the scenery was jaw dropping.

We decided quite quickly to stay another night as we ate lunch on the Western edge of the summit while starring off to Saint Joe Peak and the other majestic and snow covered peaks of the Bitterroot Range. We finished up our food and settled in for another night.

The next day we did another great ski and headed down the mountain for the epic journey down the hill. We reached the car just as nighttime settled in. Exhausted we headed into town and enjoyed Mexican food and a growler of beer. What a week it has been.

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