Spring Break Continues …

Sitting here at the Break Espresso I am ignoring emails and comments in favor of getting in another blog to update what has already been a great time this past week. In addition to my last post we have re-skied at Lolo Pass with an extremely nice sunset, napped, and soaked in some hot springs.

Yesterday after our tune-up nap we headed out for an evening ski at Lolo Pass. We left the car around 5:30ish and as we climbed Mount Fuji the sun was setting giving the snow great shadowy contours and a warm orange glow. The view on top was absolutely stunning.

Coming down I broke my boot and in a moment of desperation we decided to deal with the setback by driving deeper into Idaho and soaking at the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. We arrived well after dark and after a half hour ski/hike into the wilderness pools we stumbled upon people already soaking complete with this woman who was trying desperately to put her clothes back on in the sub 20-degree temperatures. That couple left soon after we arrived and we jumped in to soak our days event into history.

After a good soaking I drove us back home almost taking out an elk somewhere near Elk Meadows … that’s why they call it Elk Meadows. Hmmmm!

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