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Waterworks Hill Dog Attack

I know in a previous blog I said that I would defend my dog by seriously hurting a dog that tried to impose its aggressiveness on us. Well today was a bad day for me to enforce my threats. Last week I hit a tree skiing and have some serious bruising and very painful ribs. Wouldn't you know it I would be involved in a pit bull attack in tonight's walk with my dog Marcy.

Tonight was a beautiful night. In the 50s and the sunset was threatening to set with spectacular colors. I took Marcy to Waterworks Hill for a walk and we embarked on a nice hike. That is when I heard someone just over the ridge coming my way. I immediately leased Marcy. If you own one … You Suck!

As soon as the woman's dogs saw us they rushed up. I saw that one of them was a pit bull and they were headed for Marcy in an aggressive manner. I grabbed the pit bull by the neck and that is when it went after Marcy's throat. I did my best to separate and I felt my chest popping and it hurt real badly. Then the other dog grabbed Marcy in the hind leg.

I started to cry out. My chest was burning and I covered Marcy with my body and started yelling. The woman just calmly said to settle down. She said it while I was tearing one of her dogs from my dog's throat. She finally called them over and I got up and quickly went the opposite direction carrying my arm with the other.

Missoula has a real problem with ass holes that own killer dogs. They let them run off leashes and little children as well as other dogs are in great danger. Just imagine taking your child for a walk at Waterworks Hill and a Pit Bull kills them. Does this have to happen before we prosecute these fuckers with dogs that they know are killers? Pit Bulls Kill … do not tell me they don't!

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