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Building a New Couch

I fell asleep last night on my new couch. It is not that comfortable and to be honest I am not really all that impressed with it. I put so much time and effort into it I am giving it a week before I dismantle it and start using the floor again to watch TV and do hommie things. First off what did I do this weekend? Went to Kettlehouse, went hiking, went biking, end of weekend!

Back to the couch! Last night I thought to myself, ”wow if I collect enough of boxes and crap, tie them together, and put a blanket over them, I can make a couch“.

Now stop your laughing and let me finish. What if I put all the boxes together and then on top put something that spanned across them. Then I could put a pad and cover the whole thing with a blanket. I could mold the couch form by using different size boxes in certain places. Well after three hours of couch forming I feel asleep on top of my creation.

I tried my Beetle seat, camping pads, and other things laying around the house to try and heap together a sitting surface. The final product is an oddly level heap of boxes covered with a blanket. What did you expect? Probably a lot less that I did. Now I have moved so much out of the closet to build this contraption that I am too lazy to pack it all back. So that's it, my new couch … well at least till I get enough energy to put it all back or get a real one.

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