Fall Days and Job Searches

[image]Hello folks! I am sitting at the Break Espresso enjoying a lemon scone and a cup of Americano. It is a little chilly here this morning because they have the front of the shop tore out in favor of a new remodeling project that includes taking over the building next door.

Well then, what is new? Not much! I have been spending most of my time looking for a job so I can continue to live and pursue happiness here in Missoula Montana. I did get a new opportunity the other day. Apparently, Liant, a company that does business software, called my supervisor and asked if I was interested in doing work at a reportedly 40 bucks an hour. I have not heard from the person yet but my supervisor is trying to hook us up.

What I have noticed lately is the awesome weather. Sunny and nice days that light up the fall colors with such beauty you have to just stop and wonder once in a while where I have been the last twenty years. Yesterday I enjoyed such beauty with a hike in the Rattlesnake with a local group called the Rocky Mountaineers. We did a pleasant hike up the Wallman trail and sun bathed in a meadow on top. Maybe some day Ill get to the picture I took.

For now, it is applications and resumes. I have some work to do this morning so I can go ride Point 6 with my friend Larry later today.

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