Indomitable Bill Martin

Good morning folks it a crisp but real nice day here in beautiful Missoula Montana. I did not get a good blog in this morning due to a real big job opportunity popped up at my morning search at Liquid Planet. I just need to post a quickie now because of a recent trip report in the Mountain Ear Newsletter. It features one of my pictures and a trip report of our hike about a month ago.

September 10, Saturday: The indomitable Bill Martin spurned an unfavorable weather forecast to join Jim Goss for a hike up to Heart Lake, Pearl Lake, and a saddle between Pearl and Dalton Lakes on the way to the State Line trail at our high point of 7,100′. After a mile of ridgeline hiking with 1 inch of snow from last night, we picked up a trail on the other side of Heart Lake to complete a loop for a total of about 8 miles of hiking. Though we only saw occasional flashes of sun, we also only experienced one brief corn snow shower. Even our feet managed to stay dry for most of the trip, as the trail was brushed out well. Though the views were limited somewhat, we did enjoy seeing cloud banks battle each other as they swept across cliffs and ridges. It was a day that proves that perseverance can pay off.

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