The Big Weekend

I Left town on Saturday after making a stop at Bernice’s Bakery for some goodies. Went up Rock Creek to find the Grizzly Campground sold out. Not only had that been a bummer but the spaces cost $6.00 a night. Screw that, I just keep going up Rock Creek until I found a free campground. I asked a person that was currently at a large site if he minded it if I camped next to him. They did not care so I set up camp.

I was a little rusty getting the tent up but soon camp was ready for a serious weekend. My first ride of the day took me north back up Rock Creek in search of a trail that was mountain bike-able. I could not find one so I turned around at the swinging bridge. I came back to camp and enjoyed some chips and salsa before crashing in the hammock for a nap.

I awoke wanting to ride some more so I went South up Rock Creek for about an hour. Did not find any bike trails so came back to camp again for another nap in the hammock. Ahh the life! In all my riding of 30 miles made me hit the sack early. The night was great and I slept like a baby.

In the morning, I cooked some cheesy eggs and made some coffee. I took off for my big ride of the weekend around 10am and did not run into to much traffic. That is important because of the dust the jeeps and trucks kicked up. I started up Brewster creek and started passing an ATV. The person told me to slow down. Slow down on my bike, he was on an ATV, give me a break.

I climbed the jeep trail and almost did not make it without dismounting. I rode down into Willow creek to an awaiting beautiful scene. The Pintler Mountains graced the skyline and the green valley was breath taking.

I barely got my sore ass to the car after 5.5 grueling hours in the saddle. I noticed that I got sun burned pretty badly. The night at camp was painful and with the sunburn, kicking in I managed to fall asleep for the second night.

It was a good decision the night before to ruff it out because I woke up Sunday refreshed and badly in need of coffee. After breaking down camp and downing the rest of the coffee and rolls, we set out to go home. We had one more stop at the footbridge to Welcome Creek. Marcy and I were off on our last adventure of the weekend. We climbed to the top of a ridge and said goodbye to the Rock Creek Area.

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