Grave Creek Growler

[image]Saturday was a beautiful day so Marcy and I went exploring on Jumbo Mountain.

The big adventure was Sunday when my friends Alden, Larry, and I embarked on a pretty ambitious adventure. I am naming it the Grave Creek Growler because it goes along the Grave Creek Range. Although most of the party got all bloodied up and the weather turned extreme, the trip was a great success.

The first half of the ride was typical with the sun shinning we rode up Blue Mountain ans started into the Grave Creek Range. The hill-climbs were brutal and we spent most of your time riding the beautiful terrain from one climb to the other. We would recover and move on.

The second half of the ride was everything but normal. As we started the loggin road down to Dry Gulch the weather turned bad. We got blasted by high winds and torrential downpours. There was bloody crashes and cracks of thunder and lightening. We made it through and I am grateful to have friends that like to adventure with me.

Now it is Monday and time to recouver. Brutal Mondays … is it time for luch yet?

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