A River Ran Through It

Missoula RunnerThis morning I decided to go to Bernice’s Bakery for a coffee and cinnamon roll. When I arrived, the city was a bustling with activity. Today is the Annual YMCA River Run here in Missoula. Good thing I brought my camera.

As the sun started to shine and warm up Missoulians the race started and I grabbed a few shots of some racers huffing and puffing along. My favorite is of the winner as he runs to the finish line and the ”M“ in the backdrop. It would be a good news pic. Well since I am not a news photographer, why not blog it?

Today I am relaxing with the biggest project being my hair. I need a cut. My plan is to get some clippers so I can do my own and save a butt load of cash for good things like groceries.

Cycling is going well with my mountain bike having only brake problems now. I am going to fashion some return springs from some old spokes. My ex-roommate Pat did a wonderful thing and sent me the mountain bike I left in CT. I am so glad to have It back, it is a blast to ride. It is my K2 Proflex that I was sponsored on 10 years ago.

Well for me it is out the door to hunt down some clippers … Have a great spring all!

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