! Going Hiking This Morning

[image]It was dark at 6:30 this morning but my plan was to still do the Kim Williams to Sentinel via Hellgate Trail. We were ready, the coffee was on. As I sipped the brew things changed. I got ideas and suddenly found myself online coding some new things into my site.

It is now 10:02 AM and I have fixed breakfast and have put behind me the disappointment of exchanging a hike for a internet coding session. Mentally I slap my face. Bad Boy!

I am eating eggs, potatoes, and some wild game sausage that my friend at work gave me. It is very good, although I must prepare my potatoes different from now on. I tried to make hash browns but I figure that I must be spoiled on McDonald Browns.

Yesterday a job popped up and it is the opportunity of a lifetime for me. All the Bloggers agree. It is at Adventure Cycling. There are two problems. I have committed to Mars Stout and the other is that I haven't been seriously considered yet. It took me all day yesterday to make up my mind on whether to go for it or not.

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