MARS Stout had their annual Christmas Party tonight. The problem is that the national championship was to air at the same time. The organizers of the party had a big screen (5ftx20ft) installed at the party and we all watched the Grizzlies in the championship game. The Griz lost but it was nice to watch the game.

Everyone got presents from the business. It was the traditional organizers plus a personalized gift. Mine was 50 dollars in gas coupons. I also received food certificates. That was very nice of them. Even though I work for Workforce, they still treat me like a part of their family. I like that.

With that in mind, my heart is heavy with decision. There is that job at Adventure Cycling Association that just came available. I have showed interest and intend to follow up on it. I feel very bad because I feel such a connection to my current job and how nice I have been treated.

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