Great Missoula Friendships

I am sitting in my living room wondering where the time went since my last blog. I left off on Friday and since then I have done numerous activities that kept me off line.

Saturday I woke up and spent the day getting ready for the Grizzly Bobcat game in which the Griz beat up on the Bobcats. I think there was something like 60 points scored in that game. The sun was out and the entire day was nice. A friend stopped by to donate some bread to my cause and watch the game with me over some chips and salsa.

After the game Some other friends of mine stopped by to see if I wanted to get a bite to eat. We ended up going to the Lumberjack Saloon out towards Lolo Hot Springs. After we had a beer there we headed to Lochsa Lodge in Idaho where we entertained ourselves with some food of the beef variety. I had a mushroom burger and it was a fine popkins.

Sunday I woke up and soon was talked into a hike, my arm was twisted. We went to the Rattlesnake Rec Area and started up Sawmill Gulch and then doubled back on the ridge just above the parking area. It was a real nice hike on a real nice ridge. I’ll be doing that one again, hopefully with snow shoes.

This evening I went up to some friends where I burned and watched some of my slide shows. They loved them and I am glad that I can give them something since they have been giving so much while I find myself in this money crunching position. To top off the weekend we all had dinner and some Shiraz which was all good.

So here I sit and now to be finished my palaver, I am going to answer the emails and hit the sack. Tomorrow I have a big day planned. Sweet dreams, world!

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