False Alarm

Reality came to me this morning when the power was cut to my apartment. I found out later that it was a mistake but it did serve to give me a glimpse of what I am about to go through if I don't find a job soon.

I saw Paul and Monica last night at the Adventure Cycling open house. He has a awesome job. He has biked across the Alaskan. Some people are so lucky! I was amazed at the entire operation and how it must be a great place to work. I specially liked the mapping department. It must be cool to make maps. I am a map lover myself. What a cool job.

I was talking to Julie Huck and we want to plan ride at night again and I have contacted my friend Larry. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving so we are thinking Sunday night. That would be cool.

I just read an article off the AP wire and was astonished how in-accurate a recent study is from the Milken Institute. The article states,

“Missoula has been ranked the number-one small city in the nation for creating and sustaining jobs. … The rankings are based on growth in jobs and pay, as well as in use of technology.”

I just wrote them an email an put in my two cents

Growth in jobs: Missoula has a unbelievable unemployment rate and I know people with Masters Degrees waiting tables … so this cant be true … I am unemployed with a computer science degree and have been for six months. I am a month away from being homeless.

Pay: This is the funniest thing I have ever read. I have interviewed for high tech IT jobs that only pay $7 an hour. Most labor jobs are $5.50 an hour. I worked for Sikorsky Aircraft as a Associate Software Engineer for $50,000.00 a year to start. Missoula is the lowest paying city in the country.

Use of Technology: Give me a break! Missoula is pretty recent when it comes to technology but all technologies are outsourced to other states and countries. Thus no technology jobs available in Missoula.

Two things motivated me to write to them. I would of liked to be notified that maybe there is a bug in my software and that since I am almost homeless, this article affected me. I suspect Missoula must have some cleaver marketing scheme going, but it is not all that everyone thinks it is.

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