Perception Without Mindfulness

[image]Experts seem to perceive without mindfulness, or book smart as I like to say. This morning I read a great little story. It goes like this. A teacher asked a class of first graders what color apples are. Most of the children answered “Red,” a few said “Green.” But one child blurted out “White.” The teacher patiently explained that apples were red or green, and sometime yellow, but never white. It is a good thing the youngster didn't give up like most of us do. He did not cave in and the teacher grew tired of trying. After the teacher gave up the child said, “take a look inside.”

Good frosty and snowy morning from my apartment. I have a big day planned of laundry and a couple stops at some potential employers. The first stop will be at US Investigations and then I want to stop in at EduLog which I have been pestering for two months now without no responses. I want them to tell me yes or no, but will not be left to just ignore me. I will not be ignored.

UPDATE:(Monday, November 22, 2004 1:00 PM) I just am getting off line and there are so many job opportunities today I will be lucky to investigate them all. Its like the flood gates just opened. Ive got to run … will write more later.

UPDATE:(Monday, November 22, 2004 5:53 PM) Night hiking tonight was nice as the snow lightly fell. The city lights were great as usual and in the distance was the pollution from numerous Missoula facilities. In version is in effect tonight as I now make preparations for grocery shopping. The main items tonight are hair soap and lots of Ramen moodles.Nnothing major got done today setting up tomorrow as a bigger day yet. I have loads of new job leads and excitement grows in me. The downfall is that they are all $8.00 an hour. South Sentinel Ridge and South Sentinel was Marcy and I's destination tonight and tomorrow night I am planning a bike trip up the Rattlesnake Corridor. Making Raman noodles and eggs right now and the water is boiling so I bid the world a-dew.

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