Party Last Night

Good morning from the Liquid Planet where I am wondering if they are getting tired of me here everyday all day long. I went to a party last night at a friends house. He is the professor at University of Montana! The University just got a multi million dollar grant. I told him that they need to invest in paperless prescriptions and that I could lead a study. He has the most beautiful house I have been to so far. His views are the most beautiful I have seen. From his living room the south window frames Lolo Peak. It is like a painting but very big. Lolo looks so huge from his house for some reason. I even saw a good sign … a deer was running and fell down. Tripped. How many times do you see that. I thought he got shot.

I start leading a night riding group next week. I have convinced some riders that they can do it. No one here has ever heard of riding at night with lights. My friend got new ones and he is infatuated with them. “They are so cool” he says. Ah such youngsters here and they think I am a young kid. loll!

I found a trail I like up Sentinel. First off let me say that the south Sentinel is higher than the common one people hike up. This trail that I have hiked twice goes up the big valley between the two. You start at the parking lot at the U. At the first switchback go straight and steadily climb until the X-apartments are below you, then go straight up … around the gate, and up the drainage. Lots of deer hang out there and it is wooded. The sounds of the city fall off. There is an old homestead and on top you come out at the access road just as it gets steep up to the summit of the south Sentinel.

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