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I have been thinking of what I said yesterday and I would like to continue. I think I have a tendency to trust others too much. I mean I don’t trust myself. Maybe its from a childhood of being told that I was something that I didn’t think I was. Things like lazy, thoughtless, etc. The usual for many of us growing up.

I think we should trust ourselves more. Trust what we know. Sometimes, it is hard to stand in our truth and trust what we know, especially when others would try to convince us otherwise.

In these cases, others may have other motivations and may be dealing with their own feelings of guilt and shame. They may have their own agenda. They may be drowning in denial. They want us to believe that we don’t know. What we know. They would like us to not trust ourselves; they would prefer to engage un in their garbage.

Hey if we give others that power is not that co dependency?

I think it is a dangerous thing to start giving weight to others beliefs. When we start not trusting ourselves than we are delivering a sever blow to our selves, our trust, and our health.

When we discount that important part of ourselves that knows what is the truth, we cut ourselves off from our central balance our connection to our higher power. I think that is what makes us feel that we are crazy, like maybe we are confused and kind of shameful. Hey, when people yank a rug out from underneath you, you lose your bearings. Same deal.

I am not saying that we are not always right but we are never always wrong. So I guess what I am thinking is that I should be more open and stand in my truth. I think I trust what I know more now as should all of us. I am going to ground myself in reality.

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