The Ram … Tyler Hamilton

I just finished “Wild Animus” [link] and I was kept up a little last night with the deep hole it left me with. This morning I would of advised not to read the book by Rich Shapero. But now that I have read the current events of today I realize the importance of this book and how many people sometimes go too far to find themselves.

Tylor Hamilton is a hero of America mostly overshadowed by the high profile Lance Armstrong. Tylor is not just Tylor the bike racer though, he is a product of those that surround him and their support “his dream”. All I have to say is read “Wild Animus” folks. It will be hard but read it and then go to Tylor”s website and read the post by his wife [link].

I am reminded of all of us who have reached for our dreams and those that sacrifice so much for it. Tyler is the ram, the wolves are the cycling factions that have been politically mis- aligned and dis-allusioned. When you read his wife”s story you”ll realize who Lindy is.

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