Slow Fat Guy in Pattee Canyon

Last night I tried the hill climb route for Sundays race. I did it in 17 minutes and that is discouraging. The average Missoulain does it in 15 minutes and the record is some 12 minutes. I didn't think I was that slow. This is going to be a disgrace but maybe next year I will be stronger and with less body fat.

Today is Saturday and I will ride the course again today early afternoon and then ride down the other side to East Missoula and then home. Short and sweet … Rest up you know!

Next week I will attempt McCloud in one day instead of this weekend. It is good for me to spend a week end resting. Specially with the pressures of job searching.

Another development that is stressing me out is that my house mate upstairs is moving out. I am terrified that the new tenants will be partiers or heavy walkers (the worst kind of people in the world).

I am at the Liquid Planet right now and doing some job hunting and fine tuning of my resumes. I submitted two last night and one I am hoping for specifically at the University and a web person. Well the day is beautiful and the ram must not stay pent up too long.

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