MSN is Out

Today I will no longer have internet access at home. My free trial has ended and I must cancel my access with MSN.

I am glad because I really am irritated in the service which doesn't allow me to use my email and prevents me from starting without MSN Messenger and that damn MSN Explorer. It will be good to get rid of all that old crap.

On the other hand since I have no job I will put off getting internet access until I do in which I will then get DSL.

For now its a daily trip to the library for job searching and email answering. Tonight is the group ride and I am looking forward to that and as usual all day is job searching. So far no luck although there are a shit load of jobs in Helena.

My friend Chuck is going to introduce me to some people at the college. This weekend looks good for my second attempt up Mc Cloud Peak and Sunday is the nicer of the two days. Well must run and shut this internet down.

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