The usual Suce Ride is to skip the grinder up and go right to the trailhead. Then you can walk your bike 1.3 miles and 1,000 vertical feet to the top and then bomb down the downhill run. It is fun, but it takes time. I always wondered why snowboarders do what they do in the back-country. I still can’t wrap my head around post holing for hours just for a 5 minute run. But there we were, doing just that … but with bikes.

Last night I put a twist on things. I had to do 3 sprints so decided why not do three impossible standing climbs up the Suce Trail. I did the three and after picking hunks of my lungs out of the rosebushes that lined the trail, kept going and see how much I could climb.

I climbed way past my previous record, an almost vertical head wall. But succumb to the easy head wall much later. I was aside myself. All that way to falter on the easiest, impossible climb. I did, though, ride the rest, so that is record 1 dab run.

As we left the woods riding back to the van, the sun hit my face, and a thought came to me. I always come out of the woods right as the sun sets. And it is always beautiful. We just stood there watching the giver of light disappear behind the Gallatin Range.

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