My favorite lake loop in all the west is the one around Swan Lake. Sometimes it is hard for me to put a figure on what I like. I knew this place was special when I ran into it.

Martin saying bye bye for now

I was out ahead of snuggles and flowing the momentum trail when I stopped dead in my tracks. A pine martin stood upon my path, and I came to a stop. We stared at each other.

Around the lake

After a moment, it just walked down the trail. I waited impatiently for Snuggles to catch up. When she did, I told her to ride around the corner and look for a creature. I was sure it would be just walking down the trail.

A flower for Snuggles

She did just what I said, and I waited. After a few moments, I rode ahead to catch up.

Fly away


“What I saw nothing.”


I took out my phone and scrolled to the photos I took. I handed it to her.

“Oh wow, your namesake”

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