It’s Over

Well, that’s it. It was good while it lasted. I need to wipe up some tears. Hold on …

What a great adventure partner

Ok, where was I? This fall has been great. And it appeared we were getting along even better than ever.


But eventually we saw the signs of change. I kept putting it into the back of my mind. But we can no longer deny the issue.


One last ride. One last downhill adventure. It was time to come to terms with our biggest issue.


As beautiful as it seems, there is always change.

Shelf Life

I am standing at the edge of a cliff, and for one moment I feel like jumping. I mean, can life go on?

Clouds masking the structure

When times are good and you are having fun, you never see the issues coming. Maybe we just don’t stop and wait, even investigate what is there.

All the locals show up for the end

“what are you doing?”

“Just savoring this moment, I do not want it to end.”

One last peak

I walk away from the edge and follow her back down the path. One last run. This is it. The end of the bike park season.

Your Thoughts

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