Ass, Grass, or Cash the bumper sticker said

We were chilling at a lip of a massive downhill with plans to make some chili for supper later. I brought up a bumper sticker I saw when we crossed the road for our ride.

That’s not grass, its a shrub

I was attempting to explain what it meant. Basically, if you don’t have the stuff, you can walk. The exact saying is not important. Just don’t tell a vegetation person any sentence with grass in it without having to explain the meaning.

Resting in the grass

I like grass. Broom … broam … is my favorite. I tried to sound smart. Is there a broom? I don’t even know if I am spelling it right. The colorful, sturdy stuff you see in alpine meadows. That broom. Is it called broam?

And flowers?

On our ride out, I motion towards a scene near a lake. I tried to come up with a grass term. I made little sense. She just looked at me like I may have had a stroke and I couldn’t talk. Maybe I will stick with bikes.

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