This weekend is all about rest and recovery. Recover from what? Dunno, maybe a hectic work week. I had no feelings of the urge to ride a bike. So we put on some coffee to start the day.

Morning poop-spot investigations

After the morning chill wore off, it seemed only appropriate to go for a ride. An easy exploration. Possibly turning into some chill hike.

Chill hike?

We found this path. It looked exceptional. Super chill. ahh, what a super chill day. It is nice to relax sometimes. Some days are for chilling, right?

Nice path

Once in a while there was a rock, then two, then three. Suddenly I was doing track stands like Hans Rey. Lurching. I became filled with the motivation to clear rock gardens and stream crossing with enormous boulder like hop-overs.

This is fun, right?

At the end of the day, we staggered into camp. Full day, I offered. She commented something about how technical it was. Yea super chill.

Road back to camp

Yea, full-body workout, I surmised.

“But, wasn’t today supposed to be super chill?”

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