So we are camped up at West Pine Creek and I was considering a ride. A brilliant ride over to Dry Creek and then up and over to West Pine.



I will agree that maybe it was not the most competent plan. After 2 weeks of pushing snow, we would have had to turn around. OK, whatever.

A friend once said just because it is impossible doesn’t mean I cant try. Or something like that.

And … it WAS raining. And … I was in no way going to influence snuggles to do all of this. Darn it.

“Let’s just take a walk.”

“Are you kidding me? Who hikes these days. So dull.”

“Well, I am going to go up that way so do anything you want.”

I put on my rain gear and agreed to just take a little walk until it started to rain. Then I would turn back. And it was acknowledged that I couldn’t bitch about anything anymore. Just be nice.


And of course, wouldn’t you know it … well, can you guess? The freaking thing turned out to be a 6-hour hike. We found so many cool things.

I really hate it when my fantasies don’t come true.

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