Observe and Learn

I just wanted to see how someone was doing. A genuine effort. What I got was hatred and painful statements from those that I know. f’ it. But first …


Snuggles and I went for a ride. Stillness befell us as we rode through the most immeasurable display of wildflowers I have ever observed.

Once back I cracked a beer and so did she. I assembled my thoughts and now it is time to make a statement.

If someone finds themselves saying/writing that they don’t have a bias then something is suspect. I smell a salesperson. Being a good human that believes all beings are equal is not something you can just SAY. It is something that you dispense every day in your actions. If you don’t want to talk and learn from another then you are a bad human. The good news is that every day you have a chance to open up and stop being combative and tribal.

That paragraph is a litmus test. If it offends you or you find yourself getting a little bothered then do me a favor and let me know. If we can not talk through it and learn then please unfriend me.  

It is so frustrating to open up a platform to see how someone is doing and see comments from others that I know and managed to respect just to find them close-minded and just being a sore on the planet’s ass. 

A chance to learn at https://shauntfitness.com/episode-224-why-black-lives-matter/

I need another ride …o/o

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